Monday, September 11, 2006

harus bisa

but the amount of complaints, from emails, phone calls, help desk jobs or even person-to-person that I received this morning really, I mean EXTREMELY, pushing me into crying right this second.

Posted by cabina. @ 12:22 PM

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ciayooo babe, tenang2x ajah, your mind is what makes everything else work. Jangan lupa minum vitamin C yah =)

Posted by Anonymous babe @ 2:51 PM #

cinta.. sabar ya. you'll get to the end of it eventualy. itu yg selalu menjadi moto hidup gue. apalagi di saat 2 assignment due di satu minggu yg sama. hhh....

anyway. jgn nangis mulu. coli aja. lebih enak.

love always

Posted by Anonymous nana @ 3:08 PM #
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