Monday, September 18, 2006

Nothing is as clear?

No more.
After 2 and a half years now..
It has apparently becoming a lot clearer

So I need to move on
To a better me

So long, loyal readers (as if there is any)..

Posted by cabina. @ 12:08 PM

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ada kok yg baca dng setia

Posted by Blogger valcory @ 10:51 PM #

yeap! don't be sarcastic to yourself. even though i'm not quite loyal to you ;p, i still visit you blog once in a little while. so, i guess i am one of those your loyal readers that you thought might don't exist. of course, this excludes your same-sex partner, nana XD

nothing is as clear in this life, the so-called cabina. nothing really is.

cheers for a better you.

Posted by Anonymous haswar @ 8:21 AM #

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