Monday, May 30, 2005

things change.

i dont take the same turn as what i used to take before
and people come and go

i said, things can turn 180 degress from what you've expected
then a good friend told me; yes, things can turn 180 degress from what you've expected, indeed. and hopefully is always for the better.

and at times like these, glad you would be when someone told you this; gapapa win, anytime you wanna mensle...mensle together is the way

=) tengkyu

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Sunday, May 22, 2005

mas mas.. tolong ya, sbelum nonton konser macem2 bayar dulu utang nya. mas tau ga, utang mas itu dulu hasil saya jualan sales door to door. saya sempet berharap mas kerja jd sales door to door juga, biar ngerasain gimana rasanya ngumpulin uang 100 dolar sehari, sambil nginjek2 harga diri.

jadi tolong, utang mas itu dibayar. saya lagi perlu. untuk bayar tukang listrik besok pagi.

makasih atas kesadarannya.

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losing someone you love is like;

when you have a communal hot water, and the water will get cold after five minutes, and you still want to have shower for longer, but the water had gone icy cold.
you couldnt finish what you've started.

it's heartbreaking.

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Sunday, May 15, 2005


things can turn 180 degrees from what you've expected. seriously.

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thanks a lot guys..

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Sunday, May 08, 2005

jam satu pagi, buka we have 4 guests and 3 members online. senyum2 sendiri. update mading, reply forum, trus chatting.



kok jd stud gini ya?

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Thursday, May 05, 2005

these songs are nice to hear when you just got home from work, feeling unbearably tired, and your pillows somehow felt very very very comfy..

1) even after all - finley quaye
2) you got me - erykah badu
3) turn your lights down low - lisa fischer
4) mcfly - you've got a friend
5) no woman no cry - jonathan butler
6) faith evans - again
7) al jarreau & oleta adams - waters of march
8) gabriel (im not sure who sing this)
9) joanna newsom - peach, plum pear

go nanannananana..nnanana..nana..nanaana..nanana..

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