Wednesday, January 26, 2005

the thing about summer is that you can watch tv until late at night with your window open, and you wouldnt care how you should curled up to make yourself warm because you can wear the sexiest sleepwear you have and sit comfortably in the sofa with your legs lying in every direction that comfort you, and even by doing that you know that your sleepwear will be lifted up and no longer cover most of your lower body. and you wouldnt bother thinking about covering them because it's so damn hot and you just want to enjoy the CSI.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

dim lights,
moonflower scent,
night breeze,
and kaskade in repeat mode.


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Sunday, January 23, 2005

"the green one goes with your pink shirt"

i've heard the exact same comment twice and both came from two people i'd secretly admire. one was about a year ago, the other one was just yesterday. it felt like a de ja vu. and i am such a helpless victim of adorable people, that i always ended up buying the green ones while i actually wanted the brown ones.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

in a situation like this, i can become so evil and mean. i can act as if all the coincidences that happen in the last couple of months were all meant to be. i can act as flirtious as i can in every coincidence that happened. i can assure myself of how this coincidence relates to all those romantic shit. but i can obviously see sadness in this person's eyes. and funny that it seems like im the only one who's aware of this person's lost.
so i suppose i wont be evil for a moment.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

To: you

i just wish we could be friends again.
just like those ol good times.
cause i kinda miss you.
someone that I used to talk to.
someone who talks nothin but sex.

i know at the time i still cant talk to you.
but i hope i can.
and im still trying.

i even know you dont read this blog anymore.
if im lucky then you will.
if you didnt then.. it means that i still need more time.

i just miss you, you know.
i should say that you're one of my bestest friend.
even though now it feels like you're not, cause i hardly hear from you
and i dont even want to hear anything about you
or even see you in ebay
or even see your blog
or even see you on my msn
but hey..

next time,
i hope i can talk to you
in a real friend tone.

i really wish i could move on,
get over it
and be your friend

you know..
just like those good ol times.
cause i miss you.
in a way..


talk to you soon okay?

from: me

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

i know it's summer already. because i have been spending a couple of nights sleeping on the sofa.

i know i have a motherly side inside of me, because i have been doing a lot of room re-arranging, re-decorating, and button sewing. yes. sewing :)

i know im getting good at booking flights, because i can get lot cheaper price than what my managers get.

i know i like programming, because when i was given the task i was told it will just took me one day to do it, but i ended up doing it in one week, and im still proud of my work :)

i know my brother loves me, because he bought an original dvd coming from his own pocket and still asked whether i want to have the dvd.

and i know i am such a self centered person because everything in my entry must begin with "I"

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

All of my life, I'd only weigh 42 at the max. even that went down to 39.5 when I still lived in Geelong.

But I weigh 44 kgs now. which means I add up almost 5 kilos in just 4 months.

that's interesting.

I hope I get bigger boobs in the next couple of months


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