Thursday, September 30, 2004

could you?

it would be great if you want to.
bcause i dont think i can wait any longer.
but i think i have to.
bcause that's just the way it is.

im working now.
my room is just part of the CEO room.
are you proud of me?

what's my work?

im the one who actually runs around the office.
chasing the COO wherever he goes,
chasing every department to submit their report to me;
which is really funny
cause even sometimes I need to sit rite besides em so they would made the report ;)
and they are much older than me; which makes it even funnier

so what are you doing now?
I'd really like to know..

my office really has a GREAT view.
You can see F1 Grand Prix arena from the board room, which is just besides my room.

can you imagine that?
watching F1,
on a really hot day,
with cool air conditioning,

we can watch it together if you want to;
cause I've got the extended access to the office - 24/7
the CEO insists the security people for me to have that :)

they said, im special;

am i.. to you?

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Saturday, September 18, 2004

cool bananas !!

the road trip has been real fun. we smashed it on that three days. I rang the bell on the first day, Smashed the 'teapot' on the next day, and went NUTS on friday. was JUICY. LOVED IT!!

Michael is one of the new leader. he got promoted the day after i got the promotion. and he is such a Homer.. I spent the whole three days with him. and those days were the first time I got out on the field without any leader leading me what to do, plus me and Michael need to lead each other cause we're just as new as each other. was FUN. he made me laugh every second on the field.

there were two group, one was me, michael, the other was daniel and matt (the crew leader). we've got this bet, whose group can beat the other group can do whatever they want while the loser do the dishes and do the bed of the winning team. and yes, Me and Michael always WIN !! we beat our crew leader twice. I know it's just two times out of hundred times we have this competition, but MAN.. it feels real good to make the crew leader do the dishes

'cool bananas' was our vocab on our road trip. yea I know.. we hung out too much with michael ;p

on the last day, i did real shit. I dont why. it might be because of the richmond guys doing our territory, damn RICHMOND! but i dont know. i was a bit negged out, but then michael said "hey, it's alrite. bananas happen" and there we go, smashing Juicyville.. !!!

we arrived at melbourne just after the bells and gong session. Michael was spewin'. I went straight to Dimmitti (my team leader). take the funky monkey of her. i was thinkin, it can be good to be kept considering that that day is gonna be my last day on that company. but .. I havent told anyone yet. I might tell them on Monday. or maybe today. I dont know. I feel real bad.

so I take a day off today. dont wanna carry merch around. not for today.


im gonna miss that voices though..

"so how big's today gonna be?!?!?"


was cool.
was fun.
was bananas!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


just when i need it.


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Thursday, September 02, 2004

dreams are dreams

i feel bad.

but anyway..

you can carry on,

bring the SHIT on.

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