Tuesday, November 30, 2004

it is nice when..

..you were struggling to take your room key from your bag to open your room early in the morning, you realized that your room was already opened and a second after that you realized somebody had put an aromatic essence of moonflower to your entire room.

..for the first time you found that 'silent moment' in the office when everybody suddenly stop talkin. and it felt like you're the only one in the office. and for that moment, you were able to do your work while enjoying songs from zero 7. only you, the computer, and zero 7.

..you could answer all of those questions that the CEO threw to you. straight and quick solution you've provided. and an hour after that while enjoying your lunch you received an email from the CEO with subject: AS PROMISED.


and you would feel like the luckiest person on earth.

oh tuesday, how i love you so much.

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Monday, November 22, 2004

it was a sunny sunday morning, where i was awaken by the melody which to me, was more like someone screaming and shouting. it was my beloved nephew who sang this song about kangaroos and little horsey making friend and so on and so on.

yes, it's sunday morning and i need to bring my nephew and my niece to sunday market. it's a market where you can sell your junk and people actually buy it for a dollar or two. my cousin had already in the sunday market, tryin to sell their junk too.

i know because the nite before, when i was back from a friend's house at 2 am, i noticed there was a note on the door. it was written;

1.we'll be gone to sunday market at 4am tomorrow
2.dont forget to bring the kids
3.remind the kids to wear caps
4.bring 'em lunch too


'hello donny!! (he wants to be called donny cause he is such a big fan of donatelo in ninja turtle), hello princess ( and this wants such a big fan of barbie ) you guys ready?'
'let's go..'


it was still a sunny sunday morning, when i took the kids to my cousin's stall. i leave em there safe with my cousin so i could take a walk to the other side of the market. out of a hundred stalls over there, only one attracted me most. it was a same stall which sell the same junk as everybody has. but one of their junks were different.

a red corduray sling bag.

the exact same type and colour as the one that i used to have.

i stared at it for quite a while.

stared so long until he (the seller) came to me.

'you like that bag so much huh?'

i looked at him. of course i remember. it was the bag that i love so much until someone, who said that he loves me and said i wanna be with you forever and a day so let's swap bags and i'll remember you forever and so do you and all the promise in the world, leave me all alone in the end and take his bag and mine too, and i said, 'yea.. it looks nice. i think it will match my shirt. that's all. it looks as good as new though. how come you wanna sell this bag? i suppose it will be good if you use it'

and he smiled yes, it was brand new. i just bought it two days ago for my girlfriend cause she said that she loves me so much and she said she wanna be with me forever and a day, so what about giving her that red corduray bag so she can remember me whenever she wears it and all the promise in the world. but then broke up with me because she said we're not meant to be together. and there she goes with another man. 'yea, i actually just bought this about two days ago for a friend of mine, but she doesn't like it. so i guess i just sell it here. '

'uhm..' I took a last look on the pretty red bag and i walked away.

he sell the bag for 5 dollars. and i know it's actually worth 90 bucks.

but there are things in life that i should let go

so i walked away.

with my new white squary bag.

it's okay.

white will do.

white will do.


ps: if you asked whether this is a sarcasm post for you, yes it is :)

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Saturday, November 13, 2004


dear angel,


i want to ask you few questions;

will i...

will i..

will i be able to ..


to hold you again..






because sometimes, i just need someone to hold me tight and say that everything's gonna be okay. because.. because when i cried, i always think of you. and sometimes i wonder.. i wonder whether you see me crying. cause.. cause when you do, i wonder.. i wonder whether you .. whether you would be able to come down for a bit and give me accompany. because.. because.. you know it does hurt sometimes. because.. because i do miss you lots. and sometimes, you just go without telling me how long you'll be gone. and sometimes, sometimes i can be really mad at you. cause you always come and go as you wish. but.. but.. i know i cant say that to you, because it's good that you actually did come and be there for me. i mean.. thank you for coming over.. but.. next time, .. would it be alrite if you.. if you just stay?


from me.
down here.

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Sunday, November 07, 2004


and me,

and ME.

Im sitting here, on my desk, with a big Graduation Cert rite in front of me. my papa put it in a big frame so it looks nice now. so i can look at it whenever im on my desk. one gratitude for me, he said.

on the ceremony, i still remember damien's speech (he cut his hair real short!). he said, being graduands can be good or can be bad. we dont need to worry about assignments and exams anymore. we are free to do whatever we want. we've got that feeling of 'yea i know all the knowledge inthe world'. get into work, earn some money. but we no longer able to get up at eleven, grab some breakfast and watch Springer. no. no. no.


maybe i'll just fall in love
that could solve it all
philosophers said that that's enough
haha.. there surely must be more

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